Frequently Asked Questions


We love questions at Personal Touch Mailing, the more the better. We care about helping you reach your goals as much as you do. Without you we would not be here so your success equates to our success. The more we can understand your goals and strategies the more we can pull from our many years in the business to help you.

Communication is the key to success. Many times we do not see the mail piece until it is printed and delivered to us. On occasion a mail piece will be delivered that does not adhere to the post office rules and ends up costing more to process or require higher postage. By emailing a sample of the printing to us prior to going to press many potential problems can be eliminated.

We have volunteers and extra people, why shouldn’t we do our mailing in-house and save money?

Many people do not realize that if you are trying to save money by processing a mailing in-house and do not have the proper knowledge and /or equipment that you could actually spend more money than by sending it to us.

Example: Let’s say you have 1000 letters to fold, stuff, label, etc… and you have extra staff do the mailing in their spare time. Not having the equipment or knowing the postal automation rules you send this out at first class rates. Your finished and your labor (however many hours it took to complete) was “free” and the postage at 1st class is $440.00. If we were to process this mailing, even under the worst case postage scenario your cost for labor and postage would be approx. $360.00*. Since our mailing software is designed to calculate postage at the lowest level the savings could actually be much more and if you are a non-profit organization the difference would be tremendous!

Please, anytime you are considering keeping a mailing in-house to save money consider calling us first just to check if it will actually save you money. The phone call is free so why not?
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How do I know which mailing piece (e.g. postcard, flyer, envelope) would be most effective?

The design (text, placement, dimensions and folding) can “make or break” your mailing. Just give us a call before going on to the printer. We’ll advise you on the extra postage discounts as well as the potential effectiveness of the piece. We also keep up with the ever changing postal rules that if not followed can cost you much more in postage or in some cases render your mail piece unmailable!
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What is your turnaround time?

We operate under a three-day turnaround policy on all jobs unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise, but we’ll be sure to tell you up front. In the past, we have processed and delivered mailings to the post office in less than four hours. In fact, most of our customers enjoy a one-day turnaround. We’ll work within your time frame, even weekends and evenings, at no extra cost.
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How do I know my mailing has been processed and accepted by the postal system?

We can supply you with a copy of the postal mailing statement, showing the date of receipt by the post office, the total count, postage figures and other related information. When we deliver mail to the post office, we see many mailings sitting on the dock, resulting from errors in the preparation, insufficient funds in the bulk permit account, and problems with the piece design. We take extra steps–at no extra cost–to ensure that your mail is rapidly absorbed into the postal system.
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How can I be assured my company will receive the attention it deserves?

The owners of Personal Touch Mailing are personally involved in each project from conception to completion, overseeing your mailings every step of the way. If you ever have a concern or question, one of the owners is just a phone call away, and we encourage your feedback.
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We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.
Call (407) 857-9090.

*an estimated example, real scenario costs may vary.