Should I purchase my mailing list from a Mail House or a List Company?

by Gino

List companies are good sources for buying mailing lists but are they the best? Not in my opinion.

First of all, let’s talk price. A List Company usually has a pricing structure based on the quantity that a customer purchases. A Direct Mail Firm that offers Mailing Lists will get discounts off the retail pricing so that they have a margin in which to mark up the cost to their customers. An end user that goes directly to a list company will usually be looked at as a onetime sale and be charged the highest rates. Many Mail Houses will mark up their cost to match the retail price that a customer would get going direct and therefore make a small profit for their efforts. Some, charge above the retail and in Personal Touch Mailing’s case, usually charge below the retail cost passing the savings on to our customers. So, as far as list cost is concerned, with many mail houses it would cost no extra and in some cases save money to go to them verses a list company.

Who would be concerned more at getting you the best targeted database, a list company that gets a onetime sale and is done or a mail house whose job is to make this data work the best that it can for you and want to earn your repeat business?

Database Companies may have to only sell from their “house” accounts limiting the availability of the many other sources. A Mail House usually is not restricted by these rules and can look far and wide for the perfect database to suit your needs.

A Direct Mail Professional’s mission should be to help you reach your marketing goals. They should be attentive to your needs and passionate about ensuring that each step throughout the project is working to accomplish your goals, which may include the purchase of a well crafted, targeted mailing list.

With so many things at stake such as printing, postage and labor costs, not to mention the marketing impact on your business, it is imperative that you start your Direct Mail Campaign with a well thought out, targeted & clean mailing list.

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