Multiple Mailings to the same Universe may Increase Results.

by Gino


In these troubled economic times many businesses are tightening their budgets wherever they can. Unfortunately, their marketing expenditures get thrown into the reductions just when they need them the most.

A company must stay vigilant in its efforts to keep its name, reputation, products and or services visible and available to all potential customers, especially in times of an economic downturn. It is not only very important to regularly get your marketing information out to the public but track your responses as well. By tracking your successful marketing efforts you can build a database of previously interested clients that may utilize your products or services in the future. This is an invaluable tool for building a solid foundation of loyal, repeat customers that will help to secure your businesses economic future through hard times.

During hard times many potential customers will shop price over quality of service so it is very important to stay competitive in your pricing. A great way to achieve this without revamping your whole pricing structure is by incorporating discounts or coupons in your direct mail media. This will allow the budget minded shoppers to get the savings they need and a chance for you to receive and hopefully retain new business.

So, should you send out a single mailing and hope for the best, in my opinion, no. Staying in the public’s eye, especially in hard economic times, takes aggressive action. Multiple, scheduled marketing media clearly informing everyone who you are, what you provide, where you are located, your experience/history, etc. along with enticing incentives by way of discounts and or coupons, will produce far greater exposure and greatly increase your chances of potential business.

Everyone wants the same things in business, quality products or services at a great price in a timely manner from a company that is experienced, friendly and cares about their goals. A properly constructed Direct Mail Campaign can help you relay your message to a targeted market and help ensure a solid foundation of steady customers.

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