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If you are currently using or considering using direct mailers as part of your advertising plan, it is important that you use a direct mail house which is NCOA certified like we are at Personal Touch Mailing.

NCOA, National Change of Address, is a database which is maintained by the United States Postal Service.  The registry is then provided, for a fee, to direct mail houses which provide direct mailing services to businesses.

As an estimated forty million individuals, families, and businesses relocate each year, the tracking and updating of the database is a large, but necessary job. Direct mailers being sent to the wrong addresses result in wasted time and money.  A great deal of money is lost in paying increased postage costs when not using a NCOA certified direct mail house.

By using a NCOA certifiedMail house, you reduce this risk and ensure you are actually reaching your targeted customer base instead of wasting money on an undeliverable piece of mail.

We  have been an industry leader in Direct Mail Advertising and direct mail fulfillment since 1992 and are NCOA certified. Personal Touch Mailing assists businesses of all sizes in building a complete, dynamic direct mail marketing campaign from start to finish. By utilizing our expert analysts to identify a target customer base and compile a mailing list for your business based on the intended recipient’s age, address, income, credit score, or even personal interests.

Direct mail campaigns are not only useful in attracting new business, but can also be essential in customer retention.  Direct mail pieces can be designed as a customer appreciation tool to recognize and thank loyal customers or to offer them an exclusive savings deal.  At P.T.M.S., Inc., being NCOA certified, we will help you track your previous customers and keep your customers’ addresses current on your mailing list.

Whether your project is a standard letter, postcard, booklet or a specialty designed mailer, we guarantee a fast production time, a high quality product, and  the industry’s lowest all-inclusive pricing.

No matter how well designed or colorful a mailer, it is only effective if it reaches the right audience. By using  a NCOA certified direct mail house you are guaranteed to achieve the desired results.

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