Are all Mail Houses created Equal?

by Gino


It’s a good idea to get to know your Mailing Professional and the Mailing Facility they
represent prior to embarking of your Marketing Campaign. Their level of
experience coupled with the extent of the company’s machinery and software can
go a long way to making your Direct Mail Campaign a success and keep it within

Explore their mission statement and/or the reason the company was started. Ask how long
have they been in business and do they have any references? These questions
will help you understand the level of commitment your mailing representative
and the company that he or she works for have.

Tour the facility. One of the best ways to know your prospective Mail Houses
capabilities is to ask for a tour of their facility. Is the place clean and
organized, especially the production room(s)? Do they have state of the art
equipment? Do the employees seem friendly and content? If operations are under
way while touring, does the scene look productive or are there piles of
materials on the floor, a radio blasting, machine jams or seemingly disgruntled

Especially in times of an economic downturn you will find many Mailing Operations that
have been formed out of a last ditch effort to increase a company’s revenue by
starting up a basic operation as an added “Money Maker” to their already
suffering primary concern such as a Commercial Printer, Graphic Designer, Sign
Company or a Pack & Ship company. Many of these are started with limited
knowledge and the most basic of machinery. Even though the thought of a “One
Stop Shop” may be appealing, it may not be the most effective way of
approaching your Direct Mail goals.

Time tested knowledge and experience, state of the art equipment and software and a good
relationship with the local Post Office can go a long way to help ensure a
successful Direct Mail Campaign.

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