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When formulating a marketing strategy there are many options available. TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers and Billboards are some of your available choices but are they as effective or as personal as Direct Mail?

While alternatives to Direct Mail might reach a larger audience and in some cases may be a bit easier on your budget, you may not be hitting your target market. Furthermore, what portions of your target market that are tuned in, flipping through or glancing at your marketing ads are really viewing your efforts at all? If you are like me you fast forward over commercials or get up to do other things while they are on. I frequently switch channels during ads on the radio and ignore annoying pop-ups on the internet (or block them all together). Blast faxes are an intrusion and waste of printer ink and paper, email marketing only adds to the daily frustration of spam cleanup and billboards, while they may take my eyes off the road for a second, usually are not remembered for lack of interest at the time or having a pen and paper handy. I’m not suggesting that these alternative methods are not a perfect compliment in some situations, I’m just saying that these methods usually use a “Blast to all & hope someone is paying attention” method.

Direct mail Advertising allows you to custom tailor a database to closely target your particular demographic. Your print design can be as “noticeable” as you wish to make it and can include ALL the info you wish prospective customers to know, unlike cramming as much as you can in a 30 second TV or radio commercial. When the recipient receives his or her mail from their postal box they are aware of what they are doing and why, and usually concentrating on the task at hand, taking a moment to get and review the mail. In most cases your targeted recipient WILL notice your marketing media since it is already in their hands as your design does what it can to “pull them in” and explore your message.

While Direct Mail advertising may not be the perfect solution for all business marketing I feel if does offer a more targeted, personal approach to a more captive audience.

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