Who can you trust when it comes to the quality of your mail piece?

by Gino


Printed postcards and flyers frequently come to us that do not meet the Post Office’s minimum thickness standards for mailing at the optimal postage rates.

Being one of the first things that is checked when materials arrive we promptly notify the customer of this issue and generally get the response that the printer told them the paper stock was within post office specifications. While this may be true as it applies to thickness specs the post office will accept and mail it may not fall within the “machinable” category which affords the customer far greater postal discounts.

Mail pieces that are below the minimum thickness standards for machinable mail not only creates higher costs in postage, they can also increase the labor costs. If the Mail House is able to modify the mail piece to conform to the rules there could be unfolding and refolding charges  such as turning a half fold mailer into a trifold to increase the thickness or inserting charges to insert a non-qualifying piece  into an envelope, again to increase the thickness. Both of these methods could greatly decrease the overall look and success of the marketing campaign.

 In these hard economic times many people are looking to save money at every turn and as paper costs continue to increase, choosing a lower cost paper for your mailing media makes sense. As with a game of chess, making successful decisions only comes from one’s ability to look beyond the current step and choose the path that will meet all of your marketing goals. This is where an experienced Direct Mail Professional is the most helpful. By working closely with you from the beginning and watching your back throughout the project, your marketing campaign should meet or exceed your expectations.

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